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Hi Ate Us
The word "hiatus" doesn't mean a whole lot when you take into consideration how few and far-between my posts have been. I'm probably entering this more as a reminder to me--a reminder that no matter how interesting something I've come across might be, it's time to concentrate on other things (a job, a paper, moving, and so on).

To the few of you who have actually been reading despite my infrequency, I thank you. The plan is to come back and *actually* do some blogging (like, the regular kind, with cohesion and stuff) in late May or early June as I start the process of designing my first art game (my first video game of any kind, actually), possibly start working on a barcode-related project, and continue on being kind of an Intertubes culture kind of nerd.
Handwriting and Robots
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Walkman Effect on Wikipedia
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Wilson's Slate Article Complicates (Not Dispels) Misconceptions About Wikipedia
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The Best Fortune Cookie Ever
I'm pretty sure I can't tell you how happy this site makes me:


[via Boing Boing]

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